Willow Tree reduction

Our customer needed a tree surgeon in Evesham to reduce the crown of his Willow. His wish was for the tree to not be pollarded and look natural after the work. The tree had telephone cables running through its crown and

Willow after reduction.
Willow before reduction

needed some of the branches removing off  them. Luke our Lead climber expertly removed the branches from the phone lines and i think you will agree left the tree looking as the customer requested.

Tree Surgeon Evesham Poplar reduction.

Our customer wanted us to reduce the height of 18 100ft Poplar trees by half. Targets to miss below was a fence line and a water supply. We decided that the best way to move around the canopy was to swing from tree to tree to save energy and time climbing all 18.

The work was carried out as per out instructions and all waste cleared from site. Tree surgeon Evesham.

The best way to move around the canopy was to swing from tree to tree
All poplars were over 100ft and reduced to 60ft.
tree surgeon Evesham

Wind Blown Conifer Removal

Vale trees were called to urgently fell a wind blown conifer which was leaning precariously over the customers garden shed in Alcester. Damage had already been done to the fence but tree was dismantled in sections to avoid further damage, particularly to the shed! After satisfying ourselves the tree was safe enough to climb and risk assessments carried out fully, we undertook the removal. The entire process including the removal of all waste from the site took our 2 man team one full day, leaving another satisfied client.

Diseased Oak Tree Removal

Our team undertook the removal of an Oak tree that was condemned due to decay in the main stem caused by Chicken of the woods. As usual there were numerous targets to avoid, namely a car port, fence and block paving directly under the tree. Using the latest rigging techniques and eqipment we were able to safely remove the entire tree without damaging any of the neighbours property. Due to the targets and the large heavy timber involved, our team took 2 days to safely see the job through to completion.

Removal of damaged Cedar top

The top of this mature Cedar tree had sustained damaged in recent high winds. The local council had deemed the tree unsafe in view of its location beside a busy main street and ordered the removal of it’s damaged top. Targets below included paving and a brick wall with iron railings which meant everything had to be dismantled and safely lowered using specialized rigging equipment for tree surgery. Managing the traffic was our main concern which was carried out safely and efficiently by the ground staff. Our team was on site for half a day to complete the works.