Vale Tree Surgeons of Evesham can help determine the type of pruning that is necessary to maintain or improve the appearance, health and safety of your trees.

Depending on the age and species of your trees  specific types of pruning may be necessary to help maintain your tree in a healthy, attractive and safe condition. The correct pruning of trees is something we take particular pride in.  The end goal is to ensure we leave our clients with a healthy and natural looking tree.

Done correctly selective pruning can be a better long term solution to light issues.  Selective pruning doesn't result in the same amount of regrowth that you would expect from a tree that had been heavily reduced meaning the light will be able to filter through the tree rather than being blocked out after a years worth of regrowth.

Removal of the lower limbs of a tree can also increase light into your property considerably whilst still leaving your tree looking in a natural condition, which is always our aim.